Unique multifunctional electric vehicle approved for road circulation in the world

Rino Electric



Patented product

RINO is the first full-electric tractor that provides you with enhanced performance, zero emissions into the atmosphere and unparalleled acoustic comfort.

RINO is powered by state-of-the-art lithium-ion batteries. It is the perfect tool even for your toughest challenges, with zero fuel costs and no drawbacks due to the hydraulic transmission.

3 Years of Warranty*

*3-year warranty extendable to 5 years.

Informazioni prodotto

Lithium-ion batteries, long-lasting over time and fast charging cycles.

Extremely solid frame, resistant to corrosion.

The only electric tractor approved for road use.

Simple and quick maintenance and service.

Automatically recharges the battery during deceleration of the vehicle

Points of strength

Specifications techniques


Domex steel sheet metal bent and welded using a robotic process.


48V Full Electric Lithium-Ion Batteries.


up to 30 kWh


Travelling up to 15h | Working with lawnmower, etc. up to 8h


Single-phase on 22 kWh version:

1200W | 12h – 2400W | 8h

three-phase on 30 kWh version:

4800W | 6h


2-wheel drive with variable speed.

Maximum speed (forward/backward)

While moving: 17 km/h | While working: 5 km/h variable.


Front width Maxi type 1169 mm

Rear width Maxi type 1098 mm

Length (without accessories) 2557.9 mm

Ground clearance 293 mm

Turning radius 1500 mm


950 Kg (without accessories)

Tire dimensions

Maxi type Front: 23×10.50-12″ 4PR (265 mm) | Rear: 18×9.50- 8″ 4PR (235 mm)

Mini type Front: 6.50/80 x 12″ (165 mm) | Rear: 16×6.50-8″ (165 mm)


Electronically adjustable advancement with inverter. Hydrostatic steering wheel.

Lifting device

Frontal, controlled by joystick with lock in floating position. It can lift up to 300 kg.

Tools applicable with

electronic torque control

Conversion box for 230V, 50HZ power supply and battery charger for the use of electronic accessories such as brush cutters, chainsaws, scissors, etc.



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