Accessories CaRINO

Professional fail mower – 105 cm

The flail mower has a horizontal rotor with Y-knives driven by an electric motor and 2-belt transmission. It works efficiently with high grass. Cutting height can be adjusted from 3 to 8 cm. It can be used parks but is specifically designed for orchards, vineyards, gardens, and open fields.

Professional fail mower – 105 cm


Technical features


Domexd steel, bent and welded by robot.

Power supply

Electric motor.


2 belt transmission


Horizontal rotor with interchangeable Y-knives.

3000 rpm.


Adjustable cutting height in 6 positions from 3 to 8 cm


Accessory available for

Rino Electric


CaRINO perfectly combines the efficiency of a professional vehicle and the sustainability of an eco-friendly machine.

Powered by clean, renewable electricity, CaRINO meets all the demands of those looking for a carbon-neutral solution that reduces atmospheric CO2 emissions and fuel budgets. Quiet and compact, the CaRINO is incredibly versatile and comfortable to maneuver.

Rino Electric

CaRINO 11.0

CaRINO 11.0 unisce perfettamente l’efficienza di un veicolo professionale a sostenibilità di una macchina ecologica.

Alimentato da energia elettrica pulita e rinnovabile, CaRINO 11.0 soddisfa tutte le esigenze di coloro che cercano una soluzione a impatto zero che riduca le emissioni di CO2 nell’atmosfera e i costi del carburante. Silenzioso e compatto, il CaRINO 11.0 è incredibilmente versatile e facile da manovrare.



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