Golf course care and maintenance: choose electric vehicles

The game of golf has decidedly fascinating nuances, and one of them is undoubtedly the spectacularity of the contexts in which it is practiced. The grass surfaces in these scenarios are cut with impeccable precision, and the maintenance of golf courses is a particularly complex technical operation, which must guarantee not only the aesthetic quality […]

Electric for gardening: a green and cultural revolution

The green transformation is encompassing every sector, including gardening and professional green maintenance. Both large companies and small businesses are now turning to electric-powered equipment and machinery, increasingly replacing traditional gasoline or diesel engines that have been the undisputed standard until now. The continuously improving performance of electric motors is providing the market with a […]

Electricity for the management of public parks and urban areas

A fleet of efficient electric vehicles with versatile functionalities is a valid solution for designing, maintaining, and managing public green spaces and urban areas. Investing in green options offers numerous tangible advantages to public administrations, including a reduced environmental impact and quick amortization of expenses in the short to medium term, thanks to significantly lower […]

Private Use Multi-Function Electric Vehicles: Plus, Benefits and Functionality

Investing in green solutions is a winning step for private individuals who want to revolutionize the management of their lands. Our fleet of 100% electric-powered vehicles is precisely designed to meet the needs of those who, even in a domestic setting, want to take a decisive step towards an ecological philosophy. Respecting the increasingly urgent […]

Electric vehicles for agriculture: the future is green, silent and sustainable

To reduce air pollution, improve energy efficiency, build carbon-neutral realities, and raise awareness about environmental issues. The agricultural sector is becoming increasingly responsible and embracing the ecological transition, which is now the guiding principle driving all sectors towards a low environmental impact future. Ecological efficiency has become one of the essential requirements in production processes, […]

Electric vehicles for the management of Hotel & SPA

The exclusivity of a hotel or wellness center now also depends on its green choices and the creation of a philosophy that wholeheartedly embraces concrete environmental responsibility. In a time when sustainability is becoming an essential path, many players in the hospitality industry are turning to the electric world and using it in various contexts. […]