Electricity for the management of public parks and urban areas


11 May 2023

A fleet of efficient electric vehicles with versatile functionalities is a valid solution for designing, maintaining, and managing public green spaces and urban areas. Investing in green options offers numerous tangible advantages to public administrations, including a reduced environmental impact and quick amortization of expenses in the short to medium term, thanks to significantly lower operating costs.

RINO Electric vehicles are born from the experience of the historic Tuscan company Del Morino, specializing in the creation of agricultural equipment, and aim to represent a true revolution in the dynamic electric sector. In fact, our multifunctional tractors can deliver efficient performance in any usage scenario and can transform into the ideal vehicle for various needs, thanks to a wide range of compatible accessories.

Choosing RINO or CaRINO for public administrations means opting for powerful and versatile vehicles that can clearly communicate the green orientation of public entities to citizens and maximize the efficiency of maintenance plans.

Electric Vehicles for Government and Municipalities: The Most Cost-Effective Choice

RINO Electric multifunctional tractors are exclusively powered by clean electricity, one of the most cost-effective energy sources poised to effectively replace traditional gasoline or diesel use for work vehicles in the near future.
Utilizing full-electric vehicles also means embracing the green philosophy, which is now increasingly essential for environmental protection, without compromising on performance. Our modern eco-friendly motors guarantee performance comparable to traditional gasoline or diesel engines and offer substantial increases in energy efficiency (e.g., from 40% for a diesel engine to 90% for an electric motor).

Furthermore, the robust construction of the vehicles and the streamlined structure of electric motors contribute to reducing regular and extraordinary maintenance costs for the vehicles. Choosing electric vehicles, therefore, makes fleet management in public areas more cost-effective and also reduces the need for labor, further minimizing expenses.

Finally, the resale value of used electric vehicles remains stable over time, making full-electric options the most cost-effective choice.

The Advantages of Electric Vehicles for Public Administrations

One of the most appreciated advantages of vehicles powered by clean energy is their ability to reduce polluting emissions in the atmosphere and safeguard air quality in urban areas. It represents a true ecological revolution, spreading renewed awareness about the impact of human activities on the ecosystem.
Embracing green options also means working in cities with silent vehicles, ensuring maximum acoustic comfort for citizens and personnel involved in management, maintenance, and cleaning operations.

Moreover, the RINO Electric vehicle fleet is particularly dynamic, thanks to compact and functional design and the ability to navigate with ease on terrain with up to 15% incline. Their durability makes them perfect for even the most challenging work conditions and allows for successful operation on any type of terrain.

To enhance flexibility, RINO Electric vehicles can be connected with a wide variety of accessories, greatly expanding the possibilities for using electric vehicles and transforming them into the most suitable equipment for the needs of government entities and municipalities. It is possible, for example, to combine RINO and CaRINO with:

  • lawn mowers;
  • shredders;
  • flail mowers;
  • integrated containers;
  • trailers;
  • weed brushes;

We are also currently studying new and exciting accessories, such as:

  • mowers;
  • excavators;
  • chippers;
  • vacuums;
  • tillers;
  • rotary harrows;

In essence, it is possible to purchase a single powerful vehicle and combine its performance with a range of suitable tools.

To ensure smooth and uninterrupted work shifts, our fleet’s multifunctional vehicles are equipped with fast charging systems and provide an unprecedented working range that was unimaginable just a few years ago for full-electric vehicles. Depending on the model, the latest generation 48V lithium-ion batteries allow the vehicles to work continuously for up to 4 or 6 hours and operate for 11 or 20 hours without interruptions. To recharge them, simply connect them to the household or industrial power grid or equip them with high-performance solar charging systems.

Made in Italy Experience, Serving Government Entities and Municipalities

Making our 100% electric vehicles a reliable investment is possible thanks to the know-how of our team of specialized technicians and the field experience we have been accumulating since 1875. While the RINO Electric brand was established only recently, it still benefits from the expertise of the Del Morino brand, which has been engaged since 1875 in the design and Made in Italy production of efficient multifunctional agricultural machinery and equipment.
Every business decision is guided by a sense of responsibility and the pursuit of the broadest environmental, economic, and social sustainability in our operations. We choose to invest in the future through concrete daily choices, and we can help public administrations do the same in order to be prepared for an increasingly essential ecological transformation.

Contact us for more information on our green solutions and request a test drive to find out if electric is the right choice for you!


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