Private Use Multi-Function Electric Vehicles: Plus, Benefits and Functionality


11 May 2023

Investing in green solutions is a winning step for private individuals who want to revolutionize the management of their lands. Our fleet of 100% electric-powered vehicles is precisely designed to meet the needs of those who, even in a domestic setting, want to take a decisive step towards an ecological philosophy. Respecting the increasingly urgent need for a significant reduction in air pollution emissions is an achievable goal only if shared by individuals, organizations, and businesses.

The versatility of RINO Electric’s multifunctional electric tractors offers an ecological alternative with diverse applications. If you think that choosing electric means sacrificing performance and power, you’re mistaken. Our vehicles’ efficiency is comparable to traditional traction vehicles, while ensuring lower operating costs, low noise pollution, long working autonomy, and excellent durability over time.


Why use electric vehicles for private lands?

Managing private plots of land often requires significant investments and operating costs, whether they are small plots or larger areas. Creating an efficient equipment inventory that includes suitable machinery and tools to make cultivation and maintenance more productive, efficient, and high-performing is necessary.

If you are looking for a solution that can truly make your passion for green spaces or your semi-professional activities easier and more cost-effective, opting for electric is undoubtedly a winning idea! RINO Electric vehicles can completely innovate your interventions in green areas, gardens, orchards, vegetable gardens, and any other type of terrain by providing you with vehicles that have extensive configuration possibilities and are compatible with a wide range of accessories, ready to transform your vehicle into the ideal partner for all your outdoor activities.

Choosing green is not only a wise decision for the environment but also for your budget, convenience, and desired field performance.


Rapid return on investment with electric vehicles

The initial investment in purchasing electric tractors is rapidly amortized in the short to medium term due to significantly reduced fuel costs and lower operating costs compared to conventional diesel or gasoline vehicles. RINO Electric tractors are powered 100% by electricity, which is one of the cleanest and most economically advantageous energy sources. The modern lithium-ion batteries provide excellent power to the vehicles.

Electric motors ensure an energy efficiency increase of up to 90% (compared to 40% for a diesel engine), and in addition to reducing fuel costs, they also eliminate typical maintenance costs associated with hydraulic transmission. In general, the special construction dynamics of electric motors make them more resistant to wear and particularly durable over time, further reducing your long-term operating costs.


Easy charging with domestic power supply

Our full-electric vehicles, such as RINO or CaRINO, are also ideal for private use because they are designed to be charged through a standard domestic power supply. For example, RINO delivers a real power of 18 kW and can be fully charged using a 1200 W or 2400 W power supply, with respective charging times of 8 hours and 4 hours. CaRINO, on the other hand, can be powered through a domestic or industrial power supply with power ratings of 1600W, 3200W, or 4800W, providing charging times of 6 hours, 3 hours, and 2 hours.

Furthermore, it is possible to

equip the vehicles with an interesting option: solar panels, which can transform RINO Electric vehicles into 100% cost-free vehicles, eliminating charging costs.


Electric is an Earth and health-friendly choice

RINO Electric vehicles are capable of operating without releasing harmful emissions into the atmosphere, allowing for a completely green management of your private lands. This results in a minimal impact on the ecosystem of your activities and provides greater working comfort for operators. The absence of fumes, unpleasant odors, and polluting substances significantly contributes to the well-being and health of not only the planet but also the operators.

Electric motors also operate at low decibel levels, ensuring unparalleled acoustic comfort. This feature has a positive impact on the driver’s comfort and allows the vehicles to be used without issues even in sensitive areas, such as near residential areas, urban centers, nursing homes, hospitals, or parks.


The versatility of 100% electric multifunctional vehicles

RINO Electric vehicles are equipped with two motors, one dedicated to propulsion and the other used to power compatible accessories. The numerous accessories available in our catalog allow you to purchase a single electric vehicle and then customize it according to the specific operations you want to perform.

Among the most interesting accessories available are lawnmowers, shredders, flail mowers, integrated bins, and carts. Additionally, there are upcoming accessories currently being designed and soon to be available on the market, such as plows, tillers, excavators, wood chippers, rotary harrows, and even useful snow removal tools.

The compact and functional Made in Italy design of our vehicles, combined with their robust construction, allows you to harness their power on any type of terrain, working uninterrupted even on the most challenging plots of land.


Put RINO Electric vehicles to the test!

Our technicians are always available to help you find the configuration of full-electric vehicles that can balance your budget needs and the work you need to carry out on your private lands. With our support, you can find the ideal setup and equip your vehicle with exceptionally functional options and work tools tailored to your needs.

Furthermore, you can schedule a test drive! It’s a simple and immediate way to find out if RINO Electric vehicles are the right choice for you: experience their power, versatility, ease of driving, silence, maneuverability, and robustness firsthand. Invest in the future, which is destined to be green!


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