Golf course care and maintenance: choose electric vehicles


11 May 2023

The game of golf has decidedly fascinating nuances, and one of them is undoubtedly the spectacularity of the contexts in which it is practiced. The grass surfaces in these scenarios are cut with impeccable precision, and the maintenance of golf courses is a particularly complex technical operation, which must guarantee not only the aesthetic quality of the location but also, and above all, the fluidity of the game.

The management of the courses is generally entrusted to an expert green keeper, who leads a team of specialized technicians to carry out grass cutting in all areas of the course, such as the tee ground, the rough, the fairway, and the green. It is he who also suggests the best equipment for the interventions, which should pursue some primary objectives: preserving the conditions of the playing field, reducing the management costs of golf clubs, and satisfying the demanding clientele that practices this sport with ancient origins.

Among the most effective solutions to achieve all three goals, today there is the option of relying on electric vehicles for golf course maintenance. RINO Electric multifunction vehicles are designed precisely to adapt perfectly to the complexity of the playing fields and become one of the basic equipment for their meticulous management.

Electric Vehicles for Golf Course Maintenance: What are the Benefits?

Within a playing field, precision, meticulousness of movement, and attention to detail are indispensable. It is excellence that is sought, both in playing style and in the conditions of the locations, which have the imperative of always presenting themselves in an impeccable manner to their visitors.
Providing a golf course with high-quality standards requires significant investments and efficient planning of cutting operations, which preserve the grass in an optimal state in every season of the year. The introduction of electric vehicles is the key to making the interventions on the green increasingly streamlined and functional, minimizing the management costs and maximizing the performance of the course.

Efficiency, silence, savings, cutting power, and environmental protection: the mix of advantages offered by RINO Electric vehicles is truly indispensable. Powered by powerful lithium-ion batteries, our tractors are 100% electric and guarantee every greenkeeper the essential characteristics in equipment for golf course maintenance. Thanks to a set of interchangeable accessories, our vehicles always transform into the perfect equipment for interventions on greens, fairways, roughs, and all the green and wooded areas that surround the playing areas.

Precision Cutting

RINO Electric is a young brand, but it draws its reliability from the experience of the Del Morino brand, which boasts a wealth of knowledge accumulated over 140 years of history. For this reason, the electric vehicles in our fleet are equipped with cutting units capable of offering the millimeter precision required by golf courses.
Thanks to their compactness, meticulously designed details, adjustable cutting height, and excellent steering precision, RINO Electric multifunction vehicles can move lightly and smoothly, following the profile of the terrain perfectly and ensuring a consistently uniform appearance of the turf. In this way, both the impeccable aesthetics of the scenery and the gameplay requirements are guaranteed.

Green and Clean Power

Our full-electric vehicles are powered exclusively by clean electric energy and do not emit any pollutants into the atmosphere. Harnessing the power of electricity for golf course maintenance means choosing a green philosophy and moving towards a more sustainable future.
Furthermore, these vehicles do not release unpleasant odors or smoke that could disturb the guests of the golf course and hinder their concentration. Investing in electric vehicles could be an excellent strategy for golf club and course managers to communicate their ecological vision and respect for the environment and visitors.

Zero Noise Pollution

Electric vehicles are silent and allow for a drastic reduction in noise pollution, making them the most suitable choice for preserving the tranquility typical of golf courses. It is an excellent idea to carry out regular or extraordinary maintenance work while meeting the needs of the members and ensuring a comfortable and peaceful environment in which they can pursue their passion for golf.

Work Autonomy

The size of golf courses requires the use of vehicles with long work autonomy, and the evolution of power sources based on the use of electricity now allows for combining green sustainability with extended work autonomy. For example, with a single charge of its 48V battery, the RINO model can work continuously for up to 6 hours and move for up to 11 hours without interruptions. CaRINO, on the other hand, can work for 4 consecutive hours and has a continuous movement autonomy of up to 20 hours. The charging time? With an industrial power grid, only 4 hours for RINO and 2 hours for CaRINO.

Choosing electric means saving

The use of full-electric vehicles allows for significant savings in fuel consumption and a quick return on investment for their purchase. In fact, electricity remains the most cost-effective energy source, and electric motors provide a 90% increase in energy efficiency compared to 40% for a conventional diesel engine.
Moreover, due to their constructional structure and the absence of typical disadvantages of conventional hydraulic transmissions, electric vehicles require extremely low maintenance. The Italian know-how with which they are made also guarantees significant durability over time: RINO Electric vehicles are designed to last!

Customize Your Fleet of Electric Tractors

Choosing a vehicle from our fleet means investing in a customizable means according to the needs and interventions to be carried out on the golf course. Both RINO and CaRINO are multifunctional and extremely versatile vehicles, as they are compatible with a wide range of accessories.
Their batteries power two equally powerful electric motors, one for vehicle propulsion and one for operating the accessory mounted on the tractor. In this way, RINO Electric vehicles effortlessly and without power loss can also power higher-demand work accessories. Our catalog includes interesting accessories for English-style grass cutting, mulching, or high grass cutting, as well as shredders, flail mowers, weed brushes, and much more.

Furthermore, the triangle attachment ensures compatibility with numerous tools available on the market. Therefore, it is possible to configure each electric vehicle with all the necessary features and details to make it the perfect machine for the maintenance tasks you need to perform.

Rely on RINO Electric for the Management of Your Golf Courses

You can contact us to request personalized advice from our qualified technicians. Alternatively, you can immediately book your test drive to personally observe the quality and performance of our 100% electric vehicles.
Our team is constantly by your side, both in the selection and configuration phase and in the post-sales period: being mere suppliers is not for us, but we love becoming true partners in your performance and the growth of your business.


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