Electric for gardening: a green and cultural revolution


11 May 2023

The green transformation is encompassing every sector, including gardening and professional green maintenance. Both large companies and small businesses are now turning to electric-powered equipment and machinery, increasingly replacing traditional gasoline or diesel engines that have been the undisputed standard until now.

The continuously improving performance of electric motors is providing the market with a viable alternative to conventional power sources, capable of delivering power and efficiency levels comparable to traditional choices. The market share occupied by electric vehicles and tools is growing rapidly, driven on one hand by a growing cultural sensitivity towards environmental issues, and on the other hand by significant improvements in the available options.

Investments in research and development of green solutions are making the world of electric power increasingly interesting, even for those involved in gardening, landscaping, and the maintenance of various green areas. The know-how and experience of the RINO Electric brand are contributing to revolutionizing the industry by offering operators high-performance 100% electric vehicles.

Electric Vehicles for Gardeners and Greenkeepers: The Advantages

Power, compactness, Made in Italy design, robust yet lightweight construction, zero emissions, and easy maneuverability are just some of the features of our multifunctional vehicles that convince gardening professionals.
The green philosophy, now widespread in every aspect of daily life, is based on both the awareness of the need to act today for a more sustainable tomorrow and increasingly stringent national, European, and global regulations that set ambitious goals, such as reducing greenhouse gas emissions by at least 80% by 2050. In short, the transition from conventional fuels to electric power is now inevitable, and adapting in advance allows gardeners and green business owners to be prepared for new ecological challenges.

What concrete advantages can you gain from using full-electric multifunctional vehicles?

Green Power and Environmental Protection

The performance of modern electric motors and state-of-the-art lithium-ion batteries has made electric power an option with usage capabilities comparable to internal combustion engines. The use of electric vehicles not only offers excellent energy efficiency but also drastically reduces direct CO2 emissions into the atmosphere, as well as containing fine particulate matter and other harmful greenhouse gases.
These substances are now widely recognized as harmful to the well-being of the planet and its inhabitants, including humans. Constant exposure to these gases has numerous negative health effects, while the use of vehicles powered by clean electric energy completely eliminates this issue.

Acoustic Comfort

RiNo Electric vehicles also promise unparalleled acoustic comfort. Noise pollution has recently been taken seriously into account by organizations such as the World Health Organization (WHO) due to its significant impact on health issues affecting both workers and people living in environments exposed to noise levels above recommended thresholds.
The extremely low noise level of our fleet of electric tractors ensures that gardeners and greenkeepers can enjoy more comfortable working sessions, allowing for easier communication, optimized teamwork, and more productive and uninterrupted operations. It also enables the use of vehicles in highly sensitive areas where the use of internal combustion engines would be prohibited (schools, urban areas, hospitals, nursing homes, golf courses, near tourist attractions, and more).

Investing in Electric Vehicles is Easily Recouped

Electric vehicles have a slightly higher purchase cost compared to gasoline or diesel-powered vehicles, but this consideration is largely outweighed by the exceptional amortization potential within a relatively short to medium timeframe. What contributes to this result is the significantly lower cost of the power source (electricity) and the lower maintenance requirements for electric vehicles, which have simpler construction and are easier to manage.
Moreover, our 100% electric vehicles are particularly robust and designed to maintain their value over time. In the context of electric vehicles, used vehicles retain remarkably high value over the years, providing another advantage of full-electric vehicles.

Functional in Every Usage Context

The RINO Electric vehicle fleet is suitable for working on any type of terrain and can successfully tackle even the most challenging usage scenarios, such as steep, sloping, or uneven terrains. They can operate on gradients of up to 15% (on dry ground), have an ample steering radius, and can follow the contour of the terrain without losing power.
Furthermore, the wide range of accessories we have designed is intended to facilitate the work of gardeners and green professionals, expanding the range of uses and application contexts for multifunctional vehicles. Among the most useful accessories are lawnmowers, shredders, mulching mowers, weed brushes, integrated bins, and trailers. We are also in the research and development phase for wood chippers, leaf collectors, plows, cultivators, and rotary harrows.

Maximum Comfort for Gardeners and Green Professionals

The driving position of our electric vehicles provides operators with a 360-degree view, allowing them to have full control over both the accessory in use and the area they are working on.
All controls are within reach, enabling the operator to operate them without being distracted from the operations. Modern displays also allow real-time monitoring of all vehicle and accessory operating parameters.


RINO Electric is a True Green Revolution

The ongoing change in the gardening industry is undoubtedly pushing towards the adoption of green vehicles and equipment. Furthermore, increasingly strict restrictions on gasoline or diesel-powered machinery and tools are convincing businesses to accelerate their ecological transition and equip themselves with increasingly eco-friendly and health-safe equipment.
Electric vehicles are therefore a true investment in the future, ensuring long-term economic and environmental sustainability for those who adopt them.

Have you decided that now is the right time for a green transition? Contact us to configure your multifunctional electric vehicle right away!


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