Electric vehicles for the management of Hotel & SPA


11 May 2023

The exclusivity of a hotel or wellness center now also depends on its green choices and the creation of a philosophy that wholeheartedly embraces concrete environmental responsibility. In a time when sustainability is becoming an essential path, many players in the hospitality industry are turning to the electric world and using it in various contexts.

There are numerous daily activities that can benefit significantly from the use of motorized vehicles powered by clean energy. For example, guest transportation, luggage and supply movement within hotels and resorts, as well as staff mobility, green area maintenance, waste management, and outdoor cleaning.

RINO and CaRINO are full electric vehicles born from the combination of Del Morino’s experience and the innovative spirit of the RINO Electric brand. They are designed to meet the needs of the hospitality industry, appreciated for their performance and ability to satisfy the management, staff, and guests.

Why choose electric vehicles for Hotel & SPA maintenance?

RINO Electric vehicles have an unmistakable Made in Italy design, offer outstanding performance, and enable a confident move towards maximum eco-sustainability without compromising on performance, silence, savings, or durability. Thinking electric today means looking to the future with the aim of maximizing the economic and environmental sustainability of managing hotels, resorts, spas, tourist villages, and similar accommodations.
What are the key advantages of using electric vehicles?

Silence and Zero Emissions

Full-electric vehicles are the optimal option for managing the areas surrounding hotels, resorts, or spas, thanks to their absence of polluting emissions and noise. The use of electric motors eliminates CO2 emissions into the atmosphere, as well as unpleasant fumes and odors that could compromise the livability of spaces. This results in a healthier working environment for the staff and significantly increased comfort for the guests.
Moreover, the exceptional silence provided by RINO Electric multifunction vehicles prevents noise pollution, which can be a source of disturbance and stress. This allows the vehicles to be used in all areas of the facilities, even during resting hours. Managing luxury environments also entails creating comfortable spaces and meticulous attention to detail.


Operational Efficiency and Cost Reduction

100% electric tractors allow for rapid return on investment due to substantial energy savings in daily operations, achieved through the use of more economical electricity compared to diesel or gasoline. Additionally, electric motors have much higher energy efficiency than internal combustion engines.
Thanks to a streamlined construction, electric vehicles also have significantly lower maintenance costs. There are fewer components subject to wear, and routine and extraordinary maintenance operations are faster, more practical, and cost-effective.

The use of modern lithium-ion batteries improves the performance and working autonomy of electric vehicles. The 48V batteries allow RINO to work continuously for up to 6 hours and move for up to 11 hours, while CaRINO remains active for 4 hours of work and up to 20 hours of movement.

These features enable efficient resource and labor optimization for green area maintenance and cleaning tasks. The speed of use, durability, and numerous configuration options make adopting RINO Electric vehicles an excellent strategy for cost reduction and immediate improvements in operational efficiency.

User-Friendliness and Versatility

RINO and CaRINO vehicles can work on any terrain, with adjustable working heights and the ability to handle slopes of up to 15%. The driving position and easy access to controls make the full electric vehicles extremely user-friendly and safe for operators.

Configure RINO and CaRINO to Meet Your Needs

RINO Electric vehicles are true multifunctional vehicles that can be transformed to meet user needs through a wide range of robust and functional optional accessories.
Each vehicle is powered by two motors. RINO delivers a real power of 18 kW and operates two equally powerful electric motors, one for traction and one for accessory operation. CaRINO is configured the same way but powered by an 11 kWh nominal capacity battery.

Thanks to their compatibility with tools such as lawnmowers, shredders, weed brushes, integrated bins, carts, and other accessories (currently under development), our electric vehicles are suitable for green area maintenance and the upkeep of gardens and wooded areas surrounding hotels and spas. Additionally, excavators, snowplows, vacuum cleaners, and front loaders can make RINO Electric vehicles a must-have for outdoor cleaning at these facilities.

Do you want to understand how to configure your vehicle to make it perfect for your needs? Contact us to develop the ideal configuration together and schedule a test drive at the nearest dealer to experience the real performance of our vehicles.

Choose electric and improve the image of your facility, the efficiency of your staff, and the satisfaction of your guests!


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